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BitTreasure Service Agreement

1. will launch BitTreasure, a value-added service for users digital assets.

2. BitTreasure will be used for’s financial products, leverage pools, and other low-risk investment projects.

3. provides risk management to the digital assets deposited to BitTreasure. BitTreasure impletments strick risk management to protect asset security and interests for users.

4. When a user enables BitTreasure service, he or she authorizes to allocate and distribute investment returns based on the platform’s rules.

5. The user should comply with <Terms and Conditions of BitTreasure>.

6. The user should comply with the national laws and ensure the source of assets is legally compliant.

7. Users should fully understand the risk associated with digital asset investment and make prudent investment decisions.

8. All investment operations conducted by the user on represent his/her true willingness to invest and to unconditionally bear the potential risks and profits involved in his/her investment decisions.

9. reserves the final right of suspension or termination of the BitTreasure service. may suspend or terminate the service when necessary.

10. Delay, suspension, termination, or deviation of the BitTreasure service may take place due to network delay, computer system failure, or other force majeure factors. shall not be liable for the final execution result of the service caused by the factors stated above.