Dear Users, will launch DMM: Governance (DMG) Yield Farming under [DeFi Yield Farming] - [Lending & Borrowing]. Details are as follows:


Start of DMM:Governance (USDT) Yield Farming: Dec 15, 11:00 a.m. EST


BitMax’s DeFi Yield Farming is a simple and easy-to-use farming product for users to maximize potential returns on capital.


DMM:Governance (USDT) Yield Farming

Deposit Asset


Yield Asset


Minimum Deposit Amount

100 USDT

Maximum Deposit Limit

200,000 USDT

Minimum Redemption Amount

100 USDT

Reward Calculation Starting Time


Reward Distribution Starting Time


Reward Distribution Cycle

Every Day

Redemption Period

5 Day

Instant Redemption

Not Available Now


PC: Click here to start DeFi Yield Farming

App: Click [Defi Yield Farming] on the homepage to participate.


For further details, please refer to DeFi Yield Farming Guide. Feel free to contact Customer Support if you have any questions.


We truly appreciate your continued support. Team

Dec 15, 2020


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